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Testimonial from Mary L., Jun/19

My Marsea Modest bathing suit allows me to get a good swim, keeps me covered, and looks fashionable and sporty. Recently I realized how much time my MarSea Modest saves. I can walk to the pool, swim, wash my hair, and walk home wearing the same thing. Thank you for the joy of swimming.

Marsea Modest at Kiawah, South Carolina - JUN/16

"Dear Marci:

The bathing suit was perfect!. The Capri Swimpants were very comfortable once I wore them for a few seconds. There was no trouble swimming. The Shorty SwimSkirt didn't seem to make much difference as far as tzniut was concerned but at least it did not interfere with my ability to snorkle/dive.
Next up-- the longer knee length SwimSkirt for hiking. Please let me know if you'll be in the area anytime over the next few weeks.

Thanks again. You have me spoiled." H, Jerusalem


"I also found the fox denim skirt too tight & clingy. But i've been very happy with my elastic waistband stretchy Denim Pencil Skirt from MarSea Modest that I wear one almost every day! "

​ECJ, Jerusalem

"Hi Marci,

I'm thrilled with my purchases. Thank you so much for your expert guidance. I'd like to bring my mother to you when I get back from the Dead Sea. She is interested in swim dresses. She wears a US size 10-12 and is 5'5". I'm sure you have something in her size. I will Contact you later in the week Thanks ! "

Debby, USA


"I have been meaning to get in touch just to say thank you the swim shorts are perfect, just what i had been looking for. I had just about given up hope of ever finding swim short in my size. So, thank you MarSea Modest.
​I'm sure i will be in touch to buy more!"

Rachael, Aberx`deen UK


"I got the MarSea Modest VNeck SwimTop bathing suit. I just wanted to tell you that it is awesome! I became religious a few years ago & have been wearing clothing when I swim which gets super heavy but this bathing suit made a huge difference! & the snap between the legs is great too.
Thanks so much for everything,"

Kol tov

"I'm still wearing the MarSea Modest Drawstring Swimtop I got from you at Reishit here in BS a few years ago and it looks brand new despite being worn in the Atlantic, Pacific, Mediterranean Seas and several swim pools."


Ortt S

"Just wanted to let you know I am thrilled with the Swim Skirt I purchased from MarSea Modest. I wore it to the beach today here in Sydney with my two little ones. Didn't make it into the water much but it was the first time at the beach that I didn't feel totally overdressed & out of place. I had the freedom to go into the water or frolic with the kids while still being uncompromising in my tzniut."


RK Har Nof

"Wishing MarSea Modest much hatzlacha! My daughter and I wore your swim dresses this summer & were very happy with them. All my daughters & daughters-in-law wore the swim berets & really enjoyed them, too."


"Just wanted you to know that I wore my MarSea Modest Tunica Set swimsuit in Eilat for the first time. I loved it! It looks great and it was very practical. I didn't have to get dressed! I already was! What a great idea this swim wear is....
Thanks again,"


"Now I can finally look decent in swimwear - thank you MarSea Modest"


​Devorah G

"Can't wait to see the pics of your new MarSea Modest swim clothes. Please know that my new beach attire makes me feel so good. No more long tee shirt & black clingy pants underneath. The paisley top and olive combination couldn't be prettier. This "Bubby" looks quite stylish, if I must say. Most of all, it's very comfortable. My thanks for all your help choosing."


Miriam Shear, Menahelet

"I bought one of your swim dresses and wore it for the first time last week at Ein Gedi. I was extremely pleased with the comfort both in and out of the water. Kol ha kavod!
Also - I have a seminary for American students coming to Ma'aleh Adumim October 19th I"YH for a 5 1/2 month program. We would like our students to become familiar with MarSea Modest products and hopefully purchase them for use during our program and beyond. "


"I bought one of your MarSea Modest SwimDresses. EVERYTIME i wear it people want to know where I got it. People say it is one the nicest dresses they have seen (then I tell them it is a swimming dress and they can't believe it). Just thought you should know. Hatzlacha. I may need another one because I wear it all the time."


Meryl G

"I loved wearing the swim outfit I bought from MarSea Modest this summer. I could just get out of the pool dry off in a flash and walk modestly to the car without an uncomfortable change of clothes. Thank you so much. The new fabrics are also very pretty." SZ, Har Nof "Hatzlacha rabba with this sale. I wore MY MarSeaModest SwimDress today on the Netanya beach. It is exactly what I needed! The coverup looks like a dress, is as tznius as can be so I can walk the beach with it. It was too cold to go swimming today but I can't wait to try swimming with it - it is sooo lightweight, has the snaps on the bottom so it won't balloon up as I swim & I know it will dry one two three!! And it's pretty!
​What a great item! "

New York, USA.

M.K., Tennessee

"The MarSea Modest packaged arrived today ! I am thrilled with all of the items. Will be ordering more swim berets ! Please keep me in mind for the olive swim jacket and swim bra. Please do consider making the A line swim dresses in solid colors, as I would be very interested in those as well.
Once again, I am thrilled with my order!"

Lynda Greenberg

"I recently bought two MarSea Modest swimdresses from you. We have a hot tub in our back yard, and since we are facing a park, it is hard for me to use it wearing a regular bathing suit. In the past, my husband has hung a curtain to block me. However, last night, we didn't have to use a curtain as I wore my SwimDress for the first time. What a pleasure! No curtains necessary....It was so comfortable to wear, covers me from top to bottom, and the material dries beautifully!
​Thank you so much for making this wonderful product, I'm looking forward to a summer full of swimming this year!"

Toronto, Canada


"You are some very clever folks... what a great design in both the dress and the beret. And, yes, it fits and looks wonderful. I'm waiting for Monday when I can make an entrance on the beach... thanks so very much MarSea Modest & have a great Shabbat."

Sefat, Israel

​KG Modiin

"I do love the MarSea Modest swimshorts that I bought and certainly intend to purchase more in the future."