Swim & Sports UV Pants - Leggings - 38" (ankle length)


MarSea Modest Swim & Sports UV Pants - Leggings - 38" is full length down to ankles.

Wear these pants under your swim skirt or swim dress or on their own.

They are also great for everyday wear at the gym or or under regular skirts to prevent chaffing and heat rash.

They are super comfortable , silky soft. and non-clingy.


  • 38" from waist / ​30" inseam (approx.)
  • silky but non-clingy
  • non-transparent - can be worn on its own, without underwear
  • comfortable - with gusset
  • for everyday & for swim / sports
  • can be worn under skirts or on their own​
  • Covered elastic waist
Elastic Waist Sizes:
  • M=(US6/8/10) 26"/66cm (stretches 26-30"/66-76cm)
  • L=(US10/12/14) 28"/72cm (stretches 28-32"/72-82cm)
  • XL=(US14/16/18) 30"/76cm (stretches 30-34/76-86cm)
  • 2XL=(US18/20/22) 32"/82cm (stretches 32-36"/82-92cm)
  • 3XL=(US22/24/26) 34"/82cm (stretches 34-38"/86-96cm)


  • made from high quality Italian NYLON/SPANDEX
  • chlorine resistant
  • UV50+ safe
  • non-transparent
  • lightweight
  • breathable
  • dry-wicking
  • quick-drying
  • comfortable to wear in & out of the water

Washing Instructions:

  • wash well (in machine) after every use to prolong life of swimwear
  • hand washing or rinsing not as effective as machine wash to get out chlorine & salt
  • hang to dry not in the direct sun - do not use drying machine
  • made fade in harsh chemicals or sulpha baths - wash immediately

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