Girls UV Swim Skort Set - Top and Skirt with Attached Pants

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MarSea Modest Girl's / Teens UV Modest Swim Skort Set - pretty protection in the pool then all dressed for ice-cream - no need to change!

  • Set includes Swim Top & Skort (skirt with attached swim pants
  • 3/4 sleeves
  • modest neckline
  • snaps on hem to help keep skirt from rising if needed 
  • comes with co-ordinating attached knee length pants
  • ​​​​Swim Bra available under Swim Bra section
Made from high quality Italian NYLON/SPANDEX which is: 
  • chlorine resistant
  • UV50+ safe
  • non-transparent
  • lightweight
  • breathable
  • dry-wicking
  • quick-drying
  • comfortable to wear in & out of the waterCOMFORTABLE TO WEAR IN & OUT OF THE WATER
  • wash well (in machine) after every use to prolong life of swimwear
  • hang to dry not in the direct sun
  • made fade in harsh chemicals or sulpha baths  - wash immediately
SIZE CHART: GIRLS SKORT SET     XS       S      M       L       XL
APPROX. AGE    6-8    8-10   10-12   12-14    14-16
LENGTH OF TOP FROM UNDERARM 12"/30cm 13"/33cm 14"/36cm 15"/30cm  16"/30cm
WIDTH AROUND CHEST 28"/72cm 30"/76cm 32"/82cm 34"/86cm  36"/92cm
WIDTH AROUND HIP 26"/66cm 28'/72cm 30"/76cm 32"/82cm  34"/86cm
SLEEVE LENGTH FROM UNDERARM  7"/18cm  8"/20cm  9"/22cm 10"/24cm  11"/26cm
SKIRT WAIST (ADJUSTABLE) 20"/51cm 22"/56cm 24"/61cm 26"/66cm  28"/71cm
SKIRT LENGTH 16"/40cm 19"/50cm 21"/55cm 23"/60cm 24"/62.5cm