Swim & Sports UV Skirt - Aretz Running Skort


Swim & Sports UV Skirt - Aretz Running Skort is a skirt with attached pants. Pants are same length as skirt - just cover knees - approx. 26" from waist. Great for swimming and sports such as running marathons, yoga, gym etc.


  • made from high quality Italian NYLON/SPANDEX
  • chlorine resistant
  • UV50+ safe
  • non-transparent
  • lightweight
  • breathable
  • dry-wicking
  • quick-drying
  • comfortable to wear in & out of the water
  • NEW! some sizes have front pockets

Washing Instructions:

  • wash well (in machine) after every use to prolong life of swimwear
  • hand washing or rinsing not as effective as machine wash to get out chlorine & salt
  • hang to dry not in the direct sun - do not use drying machine
  • made fade in harsh chemicals or sulpha baths - wash immediately


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